Metal Gems, Mumbai
An 9001 : 2008 company
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Our Product Range
Metal Gems specialize in a wide range of Copper & Copper Alloy products which include-

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Metal Gems
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Physical Destruct
Physical (N D T )
Incoming Inspection Log Book Records 100% II-RM II-RM II-RM Raw Materials - Sampling II-QC II-QC I-QC Chemical Laboratory - - -
Melting & Casting Log Book Records 100% II-MC II-MC I-H.P. Melting / Casting - 100% III-QC II-QC I-QC Chemical Laboratory - - Sampling II-QC II-QC I-QC Chemical Laboratory
Billet Cutting Log Book Records 100% II-MC II-MC I-H.P.. Billet Cutting - - - - -
Extrusion Log Book Records 100% I-E.P. III-E.P. .II-E.P. N.A. Sampling III-E.P. II-E.P. I-H.P.. Extrusion Press - - - Sampling II-QC II-QC . I-QC Chemical Laboratory
Shell Inspection Log Book Records 100% II-QC II-QC I-QC . Shell Inspection 100% III-QC II-QC I-QC . Shell Inspection - - - -
Pickling Log Book Records 100% IV-CP I-CP I-CP. N.A. - - - - -
Intermediate Annealing Log Book Records 100% IV-CP I-CP I-CP . Annealing - - Sampling Physical Laboratory - -
Tube Drawing Log Book Records Sampling IV-CP III-CP I-CP. Drawbenches Sampling III-CP I-CP I-CP . Drawbenches - - - -
Tube Straightening Log Book Records 100% IV-CP III-CP I-CP. Straightening - - - - -
Final Annealing Log Book Records 100% IV-CP III-CP I-CP . Annealing - - Sampling III-QC II-QC I-QC. Drawbenches - -
Final Inspection Log Book Records 100% IV-CP III-CP I-CP. Inspection 100% III-QC II-QC .I-QC Inspection Sampling III-QC II-QC I-QC . Chemical Laboratory Sampling III-QC II-QC .I-QC Physical Laboratory 100% III QC II-QC I-QC. Physical Laboratory Sampling III-QC II-QC I-QC.
Chemical Laboratory
Legend and Notes D-Done by C-Checked by NA-Not Applicable RM-Raw Materials MC-Melting/ Casting HP-Hot Production EP-Extrusion Press I-Manager II-Engineer/ Office III-Supervisor Destructive Physical Tests: Non Districtive Hardness, Tensile, Drifting, Flaring, Flattening, Double Bend & Mercurous Nitrate Tests. Hydraulic Pressure Test, Air Pressure Test & Eddy Current Testing
Quality Assurance
At Metal Gems, quality is our prior concern. We adopt stringent quality control system to ensure that all our products comply with international quality standard. Our quality management system comprises of focused and detailed inspection procedures at each and every stage of production, hardly leaving any scope even for a minute fault. Further, the finished products are subject to tests on variety of parameters such as metallurgical strength, corrosion level, resistance to chemicals and more. Apart from stringent quality control norms, we believe in upgrading our products to meet the requirements of our world wide customers. All our products are specifically developed according to the industry specific needs of our customers.

Quality for us is not only the term that defines our product but our services too. Our global network of distributors and sales persons ensure prompt and timely delivery of product in any corner of the world. We receive feed backs from our customers and accept their suggestion to improve and upgrade our products as per their requirement.
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Dual Frequency Eddy Current
Testing Machine
Pneumatic Testing Machine

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Oxygen Content Testing Machine
Hydro Testing Machine

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UTS Machine
Hardness Testing Machine

Carbon Determinator
Carbon Determinator

Carbon Determinator
Mehta Tubes Limited an EIL approved MILL

Metal Gems, Mumbai Metal Gems, Mumbai Metal Gems, Mumbai

Metal Gems, Mumbai
Metal Gems, Mumbai
Awards & Achievement
In our consistent effort to manufacture superior quality product, we have been awarded with the prestigious ISO 9001: 2008 certification, by TUV (SUD) Accrediting Authority. Besides this, we have also received several awards and falicitated for developing innovative products for diverse industries.